Our machine is very versatile and can perform a wide range of tasks. Expert operation of the machine ensures you get value for money.

Trenching - installation of drainage, irrigation systems, cables, power, telephone etc.
Drainage - establishment of drainage systems in yards and driveways

Earthworks - ability to move and spread soil, mulch, rocks. Can dig in areas limited by width and height with minimal damage.
Levelling - site levelling, water tank pads, lawn preparation

Post and stump/footing Holes - Post hole borer with 3 different size augers of 200mm, 300mm and 450mm. Holes can be dug for footings, tree planting, poles, fence posts or any other requirement.

Moving/spreading soil/mulch/rock - the machine can move or remove any materials required. Driveway upgrades and establishment and mulching garden beds are some examples.
Rubbish/concrete removal - concrete, tree waste, hard waste can be removed.

Rotary Hoe - vegetable garden, lawn preparation.

We have the ability to operate in small areas where access may be limited.


Tim Davies

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Our general landscaping services can help to establish or upgrade your property to achieve the results you want.

Stump Grinding

Our tree stump grinding machine has the ability to completely remove any stumps and turn them into mulch.



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